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Writing a Health Guest Post That Attracts Audience

Guest post is the process of posting your article or content on another’s website or blog page. Now, what is a health guest post? Websites or blogs whose niche is health and fitness and allow guest posts are known as health guest posts. Your article niche should be “health”. In this article, you will learn about how to write an attractive health guest post and also how to get a website on health guest posts. First, your interest or niche should be health and fitness or medical, because afterward when you write the topic in your other interest areas the website won’t like your content and you might get rejected. If health is not your niche, don’t go for it. Follow the below steps for writing an attractive guest post.

Relate the audience

Your article should relate to each audience you can have in your niche. If you are writing on “weight loss”. You should converse with the audience with, “are you stuck at a plateau?”, “tried all types of diets?”, “fed-up being controlling”, etc. this part makes your audience curious and attracts you to read more of your article.

Simple language

Use simple language as much as possible, it makes it easy to read and understand what message you are trying to convey. You don’t need to write complex words, write daily use words. The audience will only read the article when they understand it. 


Note in your mind that the content should be your write-ups, your words, your way of explaining people through writing. Until and unless you dig-up the content you won’t be able to give quality. Every single person has different minds and ideas and ways of expressing things. You chose to write and hence you must give quality content with your mind and ideas.

Word limit

If the website has given some limits and guidelines, surely follow them. If not, then you have to make the article with your understanding, I suggest you write 500 to 1000 words neither more than 1000 nor less than 500.


It is highly recommended to all guest posters whether from health or another niche, link the high trusted websites or high watched bloggers, who have low spam and haters. If they link back, it is the reward of your article and hard work.

Finding sites

  1. Find all the websites or blog pages, who accept the guest post on health. Search “health + write for us” in google.
  2. Now, evaluate all the websites, choose those websites whose need matches your niche and interest. Like you are a medical expert, and they need diet-related content, which is not similar, that’s why find a website where you both can agree.
  3. Once you select the right website, contact the editor (known as blogger outreach).
  4. If your request gets accepted. Write the article, keeping the points I mentioned above, and submit on a date.
  5. When your article gets published, it is important to follow-up on comments and questions.